Conditioner bar


Made from only a few ingredients this conditioner bar will contribute to reduce packaging. It will leave your hair smooth and silky without weighing it down. And it will last! Scented with the fresh blend of lavender, citrus, rosemary and mint.

We also stock a hair & body bar with the same scent combination. Buy as package by adding as an add-on and receive $1 discount.

Ingredients: cocoa butter, incroquat/BTMS25, cetyl alcohol, jojoba/argan oil, sweet almond oil, fragrance oil, panthenol, Optiphen Plus

Minimum weight of each bar 30g

Full ingredient listings are given above, please read this carefully if you have any allergies and test before use. For external use only. Please store away from heat, humidity and direct light as this can affect the scent, colours and/or product consistency.

Made in Western Australia from local and imported ingredients. Please note that this is a handmade product, and no two items will be the same. Variations in size, weight and colour will occur, even between bars in the same batch. For this reason, please use the image as a reference only.

The conditioner bar comes packaged in a tin with a small loofah or as a refill wrapped in tissue paper. Please select an option before adding to the cart.


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