Shower steamers


Aromatherapy Shower Steamers with essential oils! A bath bomb for your shower! Each steamer will last a full, long shower. They can be easily smashed or broken in 2 for a shorter shower.

Shower steamers can’t be used like a bath bomb – the amount of essential oil within could irritate the skin. This batch of steamers comes without the botanicals as pictures but have mica painting instead – product image to be updated soon.

Weight: 70 grams

Ingredients: bicarb soda, citric acid, essential/fragrance oil, colour (personal dye liquid), witch hazel extract/water, mica/rubbing alcohol

STORAGE: Please store in a dry and cool place. Contact with water may activate the shower steam and dissolve it before use. Exposure to sunlight and heat may fade the colours and scents and soften the product.

USE: Place on the floor of the shower just before entering. The more water the steamer is exposed to and the hotter the water, the faster it will dissolve and release the scent – place on the side if you prefer a longer lasting steamer. For best results skip the use of the ceiling fan.

PACKAGING: Each shower steamer will be labelled and wrapped in plastic to keep them fresh and last longer.

This product qualifies for the multi buy discount of 4 shower steamers for $20.

Made in Western Australia from local and imported ingredients. Please note that this is a handmade product, and no two items will be the same. Variations in size, weight and colour will occur, even between bars in the same batch. For this reason, please use the image as a reference only.

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