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Bath & shower

Our bath products are all delicately scented to provide for a luxurious bath and shower experience. There is the choice between moisturising bath bombs and bath truffles which contain luxurious oils and butters, or bath salts packed with Epsom and other salts. We often hear that people don’t have a bath tub and therefore have included shower steamers in our range.

All bath bombs will create a gentle foam if dissolving after the bath tub has been filled. The may produce some bubbles if added when starting to fill the tub. For a tub full of bubbles please check out the bubble bath dusting which comes in several colours and scents.

We use gentle plant derived surfactants to produce foam and bubbles, but makes them a little bit slower to dissolve. The main bubble maker in our products is Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA) which is non-irritating and creates a rich, stable lather. It is not to be confused with Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) which is much harsher to the skin due to its oil- and skin-stripping properties and it may clog pores. To boost bubbles we use small amounts of Cocamidopropyl betaine from high quality sources to ensure there are no impurities and therefore skin safety.

We offer a multiple purchase discount for shower steamers, bath truffles and bath bombs which will be automatically applied as items are placed in the cart.

  • Chamomile bath bomb


    Relax with this bath bomb scented with calming chamomile and a little sharpness of sage.

  • Oat, milk & honey bath bomb


    The scent is mellow and soothing, and the bath bombs contain milk powder, honey and colloidal oatmeal.

  • Orange & spice bath bomb


    An all time favourite to revitalise and refresh - scented with orange, patchouli and cinnamon.

  • Rose gold bath bomb


    One of our bestsellers - featuring an elegant feminine scent of sweet roses and fresh lilac.

  • Dragon’s blood bath bomb


    Dark black bath bombs producing deep black water and fragranced with a mysterious and sophisticated blend.

  • Lavender bath bomb


    Relax in your bath with the rich scent of lavender with a touch of herbs and timeless patchouli.

  • Lime & ginger bath bomb


    The refreshing scent of citrus with a hint of ginger is an uplifting blend to liven your spirits.

  • Sandalwood bath bomb


    The scent of Australian Sandalwood is believed to promote peaceful relaxation - ideal for a bath.

  • Flower up bath bomb


    Simple all white elegance paired with a captivating scent of rose, lavender and orange blossom.

  • Baby/kids bath bombs


    Kids love bath bombs! These are the ideal size for a baby or half full bath and come in four scents.

  • Jumbo surprise bath bomb


    A special treat for the little ones which will reveal a toy in the bath! Scented with frozen berries.

  • Fizzing bath salts


    Bath salts that fizz - the best of both worlds! With dried rose petals for that little bit more luxury.

  • Luxury botanical bath salts


    Crafted with different salts, botanicals and essential oils. Ideal to relax sore muscles in a hot bath.

  • Bubble bath dusting


    Instead of a bath bomb, try the fizzy bath dusting which colours the water and produces a load of bubbles too!

  • Bath shots


    A bit of fun in the bath tub! Bath dust and solid bubble bath combined, enjoy! Includes a little animal to keep and a mini soap.

  • Shower steamers


    Don't have a bath? Then shower steamers are a great alternative to enjoy relaxing or refreshing scents.