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Our luxurious soaps contain excess oils (superfat) to gently nourish your skin. This makes our bars softer than commercial soaps. To make your handcrafted soap last longer, ensure it can dry out between uses. protect the soap from water spray in the shower and store it in a draining dish.

Please note that all of our products are handmade, and no two bars will be the same. Variations in size, weight and colour will occur, even between bars in the same batch. For this reason, please use images as a reference only.

We offer a multiple buying discount for our full size artisan soaps (4 for $34) or salt soaps (4 for $28). The discount will automatically applied to your cart as you add products.

All soaps will arrive with you ‘naked’ with ingredient labeling attached to the back of the soap. Soap boxes with Artisan Soap Works branding are available at a small surcharge and can be selected before adding the soap to your cart.

  • Cherry blossom soap


    This soap captures the perfect day of spring - blue sunny skies as the background for white and pink cherry blossoms!

  • Flower up soap


    Unwind with this elegant white soap, topped with dried flower petals and scented with an amazing floral combination! A must try for sure!

  • Silky aloe soap


    With skin soothing fresh organic aloe vera puree. Scented with lavender and cedarwood, a calming unisex essential oil blend.

  • Berrylicious soap


    The scent of blackberry and vanilla and the swirled design of this bar is very popular.

  • Terrazzo soap


    We are in love with these sleek terrazzo soaps, made with pieces of other soaps, making them a limited edition. Various scents and colours available.

  • Chamomile soap


    Extra gentle soap with Roman chamomile and clary sage oils. The delicate design is based on chamomile flowers.

  • Cocoa therapy soap


    Don't eat this one! It looks and smells like chocolate. Almond meal adds subtle exfoliation.

  • Coconut & lime soap


    Made with fresh coconut milk providing extra nourishment to your skin while deeply cleaning.

  • Just dandy


    The pattern and colours make this soap an eye catcher. Scented with a very fresh fragrance.

  • Eucalyptus soap


    Layers of white and green divided by fine lines of charcoal. Distinctive scent of eucalyptus.

  • Fresh mint soap


    Made with mint tea and smells super fresh of garden mint and spearmint. Mint leaves provide exfoliation.

  • Avocado soap


    Made with skin-loving fresh avocado and avocado oil, both add a luxurious feeling to the soap!

  • Grapefruit & mint soap


    The scent of fresh grapefruit and mint is so very fresh and invorating - you won't get enough of it!

  • Crescent moon soap


    Activated charcoal gives this soap the deep black colour. Fragranced with a unisex scent.

  • Lavender & oat soap


    Skin soothing soap with oatmeal and honey. Scented with lavender, ylang ylang and clove.

  • Lemon yoghurt soap


    Made with fresh yoghurt and poppy seeds for some exfoliation. Super fresh lemon scent!

  • Magnolia & rose soap


    Stunning colour combination of light pink and white go hand in hand with the rich floral scent.

  • Amber & teak soap


    A great unisex soap, with forrest colours reflecting amber, moss and teak and a rich scent.

  • Oat, milk & honey soap


    Goats milk and honey provide a rich lather, oat meal gentle exfoliation. Features a warm and rich scent everyone will love.

  • Orange turmeric soap


    Poppy seeds and orange peel are slightly exfoliating. Dominant scents are orange and ginger.

  • Red ombre soap


    Madder root powder provides the colour and gentle exfoliation. Scented with a refreshing yet warm blend.

  • Sleepy time soap


    Scented with lavender, clary sage and chamomile - an ideal essential oil blend to relax at the end of the day.

  • Watermelon soap


    This soap smells and looks just like juicy watermelon. Slightly exfoliating with poppy seeds.

  • Thyme facial bar


    Antiseptic properties of thyme and astringency of witch hazel assist with the care of break outs.

  • Sea glass soap rounds


    This soap has been inspired by my daughter looking for sea glass when we are at the beach. The soap has the same properties as the Silky aloe soap.

  • Whirlpool soap disks


    Various shades of blue symbolising whirling water - its a refreshing soap design and scent. Limited numbers only!

  • Soap pencils


    A unique teacher gift! A soap shaped like a pencil in handmade wrapping and a gift tag you can use for a note to your teacher.

  • Travel soap tins


    One flake is enough for one hand wash. Each tin contains flakes for about 120 handwashes.

  • Soap saver bags


    Never drop a slippery soap again! Enhances lather and exfoliation of any soap. Refillable drawstring bag.

  • Santa’s Coal (soap)


    For those who have been naughty! Lump of coal soap scented with a warm Christmas blend.

  • Micro soap flowers


    Tiny little soap flowers which are perfect as a small gift or for the guest bathroom.

  • Soap gems


    Cut like a diamond, shaped like a heart. Scented with white musk. A nice little gift for someone special.

  • Loofah soap rounds


    Little super bubbly soaps with a smooth and a scrubby side. They fit into a tin for easy storage or travel.

  • Honeycomb soap


    Fresh buttermilk and honey give this soap a rich lather. Scented with orange, ylang ylang and patchouli.

  • Charcoal honey soap


    These little soaps are made with activated charcoal and honey and are a great facial soap.

  • Micro soaps


    Honeycomb shaped soap which comes in various colours and scents. Kids love them!

  • Salt soap bars


    Made with sea salt these bars are harder than others and share some skin benefits like a swim in the ocean.

  • Soap balls


    Decorative in a little bowl near the sink and ideal for the guest bath room or in the kitchen.

  • Soap sample packs


    A selection of soaps to try out our Artisan soaps range or to keep your drawers smelling fresh.