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soap bars

  • Silky aloe soap


    With skin soothing fresh organic aloe vera puree. Scented with lavender and cedarwood, a calming unisex essential oil blend.

  • Berrylicious soap


    The scent of blackberry and vanilla and the swirled design of this bar is very popular.

  • Terrazzo soap


    We are in love with these sleek terrazzo soaps, made with pieces of other soaps, making them a limited edition. Various scents and colours available.

  • Chamomile soap


    Extra gentle soap with Roman chamomile and clary sage oils. The delicate design is based on chamomile flowers.

  • Cocoa therapy soap


    Don't eat this one! It looks and smells like chocolate. Almond meal adds subtle exfoliation.

  • Coconut & lime soap


    Made with fresh coconut milk providing extra nourishment to your skin while deeply cleaning.

  • Just dandy


    The pattern and colours make this soap an eye catcher. Scented with a very fresh fragrance.

  • Eucalyptus soap


    Layers of white and green divided by fine lines of charcoal. Distinctive scent of eucalyptus.

  • Fresh coffee soap


    Slightly exfoliating with coffee grounds featuring neutral colours. Scented with coffee fragrance.

  • Fresh mint soap


    Made with mint tea and smells super fresh of garden mint and spearmint. Mint leaves provide exfoliation.

  • Avocado soap


    Made with skin-loving fresh avocado and avocado oil, both add a luxurious feeling to the soap!

  • Grapefruit & mint soap


    The scent of fresh grapefruit and mint is so very fresh and invorating - you won't get enough of it!

  • Crescent moon soap


    Activated charcoal gives this soap the deep black colour. Fragranced with a unisex scent.

  • Lavender & oat soap


    Skin soothing soap with oatmeal and honey. Scented with lavender, ylang ylang and clove.

  • Lemon yoghurt soap


    Made with fresh yoghurt and poppy seeds for some exfoliation. Super fresh lemon scent!

  • Magnolia & rose soap


    Stunning colour combination of light pink and white go hand in hand with the rich floral scent.

  • Amber & teak soap


    A great unisex soap, with forrest colours reflecting amber, moss and teak and a rich scent.

  • Oat, milk & honey soap


    Goats milk and honey provide a rich lather, oat meal gentle exfoliation. Features a warm and rich scent everyone will love.

  • Orange turmeric soap


    Poppy seeds and orange peel are slightly exfoliating. Dominant scents are orange and ginger.

  • Red ombre soap


    Madder root powder provides the colour and gentle exfoliation. Scented with a refreshing yet warm blend.

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