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Products in this section have some visual imperfections through to design faults, faded/morphed colours or slight damage. Others may be older stock which is of smaller size, slightly faded scents or old designs.

Prices as marked and until stock lasts.

bath bombs

Bath bombs

They have been travelling too often to markets or we had a failed batch. They are still full of goodness.

shower steamer

Shower steamers

Don't have a bath? Then shower steamers are a great alternative! Slightly faded scent of an older batch.

scrub bars_specials

Salt scrub bars

Made from only three ingredients, non-scented and are great to smooth rough and cracked skin.

lemon yoghurt soap-specials

Lemon yoghurt

The fragrance of these bars has morphed and it doesn't smell like citrus. However, it just works as well as a soap.

chocolate almond-specials


Be careful not to eat this one! Made with almond milk and honey. Scented with cocoa therapy.

pumice grease monkey-specials

Pumice bar

Trial design of our 'grease monkey'. Great for cleaning very dirty hands. Slightly smaller bars.

red ombre bar-specials

Madder ombre

The citrus scent of these bars has faded, however they still look like rich red soil of Australia!

coffe soap-specials


Coffee grounds provide exfoliation. The coffee fragrance unfortunately has mostly faded.

watermelon soap-specials


Unfortunately the scent of a few bars has faded. Slightly exfoliating with poppy seeds.

orange turmeric soap_specials

Orange turmeric

There are a few bars from an older batch with faded scent and of smaller size. The bold colours are still great.

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